Box of  Burritos....$16.99

A selection of 10 burritos paired with 10 individual salsas




                  Burrito Options


       Bacon & Egg                   Potato & Egg

      Sausage & Egg               Potato & Chorizo

      Chorizo & Egg                 Papas Rancheras

      Machacado & Egg           Ground Beef & Potato

      Chorizo & Bean               Ground Beef

      Chicharron                       Bean & Cheese

       Beef Guiso                      Pork Asado

       Barbacoa                        Carnitas

       Bean, Cheese & Bacon


               Veggie Burrito Options


                        Potatoes &  Pico 

      Grilleld Onion & Bell Pepper with Potatoes

           Squash & Corn sauteed with Pico       


                        Taco Bar

pans of shreeded chicken or ground beef, hard shells,

     lettuce, tomato, cheese and salsa on the side


                 Taco Bar 25 tacos....$48.99

                 Taco Bar 50 tacos....$92.50


                      Street Tacos

corn tortilla filled with diced skirt steak, grilled onions,

topped off with cilantro, lime and salsa on the side


                         50 Tacos...$87.99

                    100 Tacos...$175.00



                Quesadilla Platters

  Beef, chicken or a combo of quesadillas with lettuce,

         tomato, sour cream and salsa on the side


              Small Platter 24 piece...$35.99

              Large Platter 48 piece...$67.99


                     Torta Platter....$75

  12 half sized tortas made on toasted tellera

bread and stuffed with carnitas, beef or chicken

fajitas, refried beans, fresh guacamole with pico,

                mayonnaise and lettuce


                    Tamale Platters

Fresh made pork tamales with your choice of salsa    


               Small Plater 24 tamales...$24.99

              Large Platter 48 tamales...$48.99


                   Flauta Platter...29.99

         36 hand rolled mini chicken or beef flautas with

                   sour cream and salsa on the side



               Items By The Tray

          Rice....1/2 tray...$ 32.99  20-25 servings

                      full tray...$66.99  45-50 servings


          Beans...1/2 tray...$35.99  20-25 servings

                       full tray...$71.99  45-50 servings


       Beef Guizo...1/2 tray...$49.99  20-25 servings

                               full tray...$99.99 45-50 servings


     Pork Asado...1/2 tray...$49.99  20-25 servings

                             full tray...$99.99  45-50 servings


      Taco Meat....1/2 tray...$49.99    45-50 tacos  

                            full tray...$99..99   95-100 tacos


                Fajita...1/2 tray ...$69.95   25 servings  

                             full tray...$139.95  50 servings


                 Enchiladas...full tray (1dz)...$19.99

                        beef, chicken or cheese





                   Tea by the Gallon...$4.99

 sweet, unsweetened & sugarfree and includes 12 9oz cups


   Coffee by the Gallon (caffinated or decaf)...$12.99

includes 12 9oz cups with lids, creamer, sweetner & stirrers


Orange Juice by the Gallon...$6.99 includes 12 9oz cups



                       Chafing Bundle...$8.99

             This includes 1 chafing wire, 2 sternos and utensils


                     Serving Utensils Only...$1

                             Spoons, Tongs or Spatulas


                 Items Priced Per Serving

 Guacamole $1.35      Sour Cream $0.50      Beans $1.45     

   Rice $1.35           Salsa $3.25 16oz           Salad $1.25       



     Large Bag Regular or Spicy ...$4.49 (serves 10-12)


             Salsa & Pico de Gallo


               Chunky Dipping Salsa, hot

              Green Tomatillo Salsa, hotter

                       Red Salsa , hottest 


  Small...$1.99 5oz     Medium...$2.99 8oz

    Large...$4.50 16oz     Gallon...$36.00



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